Team Photo


Steve Wells

Steven Wells, CEO, Geotechnical Manager, P.E. Utah, Arizona, Nevada
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 304
Cell: (435)-703-1161

Mr. Wells has over 22 years experience in field and laboratory testing and has successfully completed training and certification through the Arizona Technical Institute, Asphalt Institute Mix Design Technology, and UDOT Super Pave Mix Design (SMD). He is well versed in all aspects of general laboratory testing procedures and has been involved in soil and aggregate proficiency sample programs receiving very high ratings. His certifications include WAQTC (License Number 160994), Concrete, Asphalt and Aggregate, ACI Level 1 and nuclear density gauge. Under his direction the Landmark laboratory is accredited for soils, aggregate, concrete, masonry, and asphalt testing by Federal and State agencies.

Jermay Egan

Jeramy Egan, COO, Operations Manager and Field Manager
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 318
Cell: (435)-229-3869

Mr. Egan has over 28 years’ experience in construction, inspection and materials field testing. He was the Project Manager of the St. George Airport operations. Jeramy’s highway paving experience includes Highway 93, 278, and 56, I-15 located in Nevada and Utah. Special inspection project experience includes Eureka Casino Addition in Mesquite Nevada, 5th District Court and Water Conservancy Building in St. George, Utah, Dixie Holland Building in St George, Utah, DSU Stadium in St. George, Utah, Ram Corporation Addition and Parking Structure in St. George Utah.

Dallas Pead

Dallas Pead, CFO
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 310

Mr. Pead has over 17 years of experience in the accounting, tax, and auditing fields. Dallas has a MAcc degree from Southern Utah University and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Dixie State College. Dallas has years of experience in the construction industry doing block masonry work from his teenage years through his twenties with Robert Pead Masonry. Through his accounting years, he has had to opportunity to experience working on tax returns and auditing various school districts throughout his time at Hafen Buckner CPA’s were he worked for over 15 years. Before joining Landmark, Dallas enjoyed years of work with Trueline Cut N Core learning more about the construction industry while doing in house HR and accounting. After joining the Landmark team, Dallas had the opportunity to join long term Landmark employees Steven Wells and Jeramy Egan and is looking forward to working closely with them in maintaining the success of the company.

Zachary Girsberger

Zachary Girsberger, Laboratory Manager, Utah
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 308
Cell: (435)-632-0715

Mr. Girsberger has 10 years of construction testing experience in Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. He is proficient in concrete, soil, aggregate, and asphalt testing in the laboratory. Mr. Girsberger’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, general laboratory report generation, asphalt and soil-cement mix design, and review and sample testing management. His certifications include WAQTC (License Number 162374), ACI, ATTI, and nuclear density. Under his supervision the Landmark laboratory is accredited for soils, aggregate, concrete, masonry, and asphalt testing by Federal and State agencies. Mr. Girsberger has also demonstrated the ability to lead the QC team on Cold In-Place Recycled Asphalt.

Angie Smith

Angie Smith, Administrative/HR Manager
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 316

Mrs. Smith has 20 years business management experience owning and managing several small businesses. Her responsibilities at Landmark Testing and Engineering are to coordinate the performance of all activities related to the human resources and administrative functions. This includes coordinating and monitoring the day-to-day financial and administration activities of the company, including but not limited to hiring, employee files, incentives, benefits, banking, and billing. Mrs. Smith leads the management team with continued training, weekly management meetings, and general office management.

Jeff Webb

Jeff Webb, Assistant Operations Manager and Field Supervisor
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 317

Mr. Webb has a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management and brings over 11 years of experience in the construction industry. He is currently an Operations Manager and Field Supervisor who is responsible for project management, supervision of field personnel, and quality assurance for field and laboratory materials testing programs. He is responsible for overseeing various projects including Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and FAA funded airport projects. Mr. Webb is knowledgeable in concrete, soil, and asphalt testing in both the field and laboratory. His duties also include developing storm water pollution prevention plans and performing associated inspections.

Hugo Angeles

Hugo Angeles, Geotechnical Field Manager
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 319

Mr. Angeles has two Bachelor of Science degrees in Civil Engineering and Geology and brings 14 years of experience in geotechnical and geological engineering, field exploration, drilling and coring sampling, construction inspection, and laboratory testing. He has conducted multiple geological hazards investigations such as exploration for fault studies through geological trenches and inclinometer and piezometer installation and monitoring of landslides and rock fall studies in both the private and public sector.

John Anderson

John Anderson, Project Engineer, P.E. Utah
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 313
Cell: (435)-229-3668

Mr. Anderson has been involved in building distress and construction defect cases for both law firms and insurance companies on both the plaintiff and defendant side of the cases. Projects included distress to single and multi-family residential structures, as well as commercial and religious structures. Services included supervision of field and laboratory actvites, analysis, consultant report review, and mediation hearing testimony. He has supervised the repair of multiple distressed buildings.

Kent Nelson

Kent R. Nelson, Project Engineer, P.E. Utah
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 307
Cell: (801)-717-0476

Mr. Nelson has a master’s degree in Civil Engineering and over 9 years experience in engineering, construction inspection, laboratory testing, and materials testing. He has worked on several prominent projects this past 7 years as part of the Landmark Testing & Engineering team. He is a licensed engineer in Utah and Nevada.

Chad S. Hardman

Chad S. Hardman, Project Engineer, P.E.
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 321
Cell: (503)-568-5733

Mr. Hardman has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree from Portland State University. He has more than 15 years of experience in many aspects of the geotechnical engineering field including: laboratory soils testing, field testing and observation, geotechnical investigations, shallow and deep foundation design, liquefaction settlement analysis, retaining wall design, temporary shoring design, building distress evaluation, and slope stability analysis. He is also experienced in Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment. Chad has worked on several notable projects in the Pacific Northwest and Southern Utah, and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Utah (#13760330) and Oregon (#101638).

Kirk Jackson

Kirk Jackson, Senior Materials Engineer
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 305

Mr. Jackson has performed geotechnical engineering and/or construction materials testing on over 25 airport projects at 12 airports and 6 air force bases in 7 western states. Mr. Jackson is also deeply technically proficient with all facets of pavement engineering design, including Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design and airport pavement design for both the Federal Aviation Administration and the Unified Facilities Criteria for military installations. He is a project reviewer Subject Matter Expert (SME) for airport geotechnical engineering, pavement design and construction materials testing projects.

Steven Criss

Steven Criss, Assistant Lab Manager
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 322

Mr. Criss has been with Landmark Testing and Engineering since 2020, obtaining field testing experience before moving to the position of Laboratory Testing Technician. He has since worked to attain lab testing certifications that include WAQTC (License Number 163780), ACI, and ATTI. Mr. Criss’ roles have included general laboratory testing, report generation, and field sampling & special testing, as well concrete strength testing and report generation.