Team Photo


Mark Owens

S. Mark Owens, President, Professional Geologist
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 302
Cell: (435)-703-3562
License 5557832-2250

Mr. Owens is a principal of Landmark with over 37-years of construction materials testing experience. Mr. Owens has a Bachelor’s degree in geology. He is experienced in geotechnical investigations and laboratory analysis. He has been involved with project management, cost estimating, and quality assurance from the beginning of the project. Mr. Owens has organized and developed quality control/assurance and procedure manuals which have led to accreditation of the firm by AASHTO. He is also responsible for company operations within a three-state region. Certifications include NICET Level IV Highway Materials and Professional Geologist.

Randy Guymon

J. Randy Guymon, Vice President
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 303
Cell: (435)-703-3462

Mr. Guymon is responsible for project management, supervision of field testing personnel, and quality assurance for field and laboratory testing programs. Mr. Guymon brings over 25 years of construction materials testing experience and management to the project. He is proficient in concrete, soil, and asphalt testing in both field and laboratory settings. Certifications include ACI Level I and WAQTC (License Number 160498) Sampling, Asbestos Inspection (License Number ASB-3636), Reduction and Density and Concrete Strength Testing.

Steve Wells

Steven Wells, Geotechnical Manager, P.E. Utah, Arizona, Nevada
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 304
Cell: (435)-703-1161

Mr. Wells has over 20 years experience in field and laboratory testing and has successfully completed training and certification through the Arizona Technical Institute, Asphalt Institute Mix Design Technology, and UDOT Super Pave Mix Design (SMD). He is well versed in all aspects of general laboratory testing procedures and has been involved in soil and aggregate proficiency sample programs receiving very high ratings. His certifications include WAQTC (License Number 160994), Concrete, Asphalt and Aggregate, ACI Level 1 and nuclear density gauge. Under his direction the Landmark laboratory is accredited for soils, aggregate, concrete, masonry, and asphalt testing by Federal and State agencies.

Jermay Egan

Jeramy Egan, Operations Manager, Field Manager
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 318
Cell: (435)-673-7102

Mr. Egan has 20 years of construction testing experience in Utah and Nevada. He is proficient in concrete, soils, and asphalt testing and has experience with many large grading projects. Mr. Egan has worked as a field manager for the St. George Replacement Airport. He has extensive experience in special inspections in the area of masonry, steel reinforcement, fireproofing, high-density polyethylene pipe and liners, and geotechnical synthetics. Certifications include WAQTC (License Number 160170) Sampling, Reduction and Density and Concrete, ACI Level I, structural masonry, and reinforced concrete.

Zachary Girsberger

Zachary Girsberger, Laboratory Manager, Utah
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 308
Cell: (435)-632-0715

Mr. Girsberger has 8 years of construction testing experience in Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. He is proficient in concrete, soil, aggregate, and asphalt testing in the laboratory. Mr. Girsberger’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, general laboratory report generation, asphalt and soil-cement mix design, and review and sample testing management. His certifications include WAQTC (License Number 162374), ACI, ATTI, and nuclear density. Under his supervision the Landmark laboratory is accredited for soils, aggregate, concrete, masonry, and asphalt testing by Federal and State agencies.

John Anderson

John Anderson, Project Engineer, P.E. Utah
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 313
Cell: (435)-619-1166

Mr. Anderson has been involved in building distress and construction defect cases for both law firms and insurance companies on both the plaintiff and defendant side of the cases. Projects included distress to single and multi-family residential structures, as well as commercial and religious structures. Services included supervision of field and laboratory actvites, analysis, consultant report review, and mediation hearing testimony. He has supervised the repair of multiple distressed buildings.

Kent Nelson

Kent R. Nelson, Project Engineer, P.E. Utah
Office: (435)-986-0566 ext. 307
Cell: (801)-717-0476

Mr. Nelson has a master’s degree in Civil Engineering and over 7 years experience in engineering, construction inspection, laboratory testing, and materials testing. He has worked on several prominent projects this past 5 years as part of the Landmark Testing & Engineering team. He is a licensed engineer in Utah and Nevada.