Ultrasound Course

Dolan Anderson, Newsletter

In April, Mr. Anderson attended an advanced Ultrasound course sponsored by Trever Sprouse of First Choice NDE--Landmark’s new level three Ultrasound representative-- which was held in Seattle, Washington. Ultrasound is used as a form of non-destructive testing of welds, which when used with a visual inspection or other non-destructive forms of testing such as magnetic particle testing or radiographic testing, evaluates welds for their ability to withstand the forces of everyday use that will be placed upon them. As the name implies, Ultrasound uses sound waves to travel through steel. The return signal from a flaw or imperfection in the weld or metal is graded based on a specific code and is either left in place or removed and re-welded based on its size and location.

The course was 60 hours over a 5-day period and included topics such as calibration of search units, flaw detection, transfer correction, and scanning patterns. The final day was a practical exam testing welds of different configurations and thicknesses. The goal of the course was to achieve level 2 certification as an Ultrasound technician primarily in the American Welding Society Structural Steel D1.1 code. Two written exams were subsequently taken to achieve level two status.

“I appreciate Mark and Randy for their confidence in me, for providing this opportunity to further my education and certification in Ultrasound, and for the increased quality it affords our Ultrasound program here at Landmark Testing and Engineering.”

Dolan Anderson